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Navigating the risks of real property transactions

People purchase insurance to protect themselves against a potential loss. When someone buys real property, either commercial or residential, they can purchase a policy of title insurance to protect themselves from a loss relating to the property. The types of losses typically covered by title insurance include monetary losses resulting from defects in the title to the property or from encumbrances on the property that may have been overlooked before the purchase was completed.

In Nevada, the transfer of title to real property is typically handled by an escrow company, which acts as an independent third-party fiduciary. The escrow company handles the receipt and disbursement of funds and the recording of documents transferring title according to instructions given to the company by the buyer, the seller, and the lender.

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When title insurance or escrow problems arise in connection with a real property transaction, The Stone Law Firm is here to help. The firm’s founder, Phillip Stone, has worked for title insurance and escrow companies throughout Nevada since 1986. Phillip can assist with clearing encumbrances from the title to property as well as removing adverse claims to the property. He is experienced in issues that arise in conjunction with tax lien sales, and can help resolve boundary line, access, and easement disputes.

The Stone Law Firm has extensive experience representing individuals, small businesses, and large corporations with legal issues involving title insurance and escrow transactions. If a dispute can’t be resolved through negotiation, we can provide our clients with the highest level of trial court representation in the most cost-effective and efficient manner possible. The Stone Law Firm has successfully represented clients in state and federal trial courts, before the Nevada Supreme Court, and in adversary proceedings in bankruptcy court.

If you need legal advice regarding title insurance or an escrow transaction, contact the Stone Law Firm and let us put our experience to work for you.

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Whether you’re a business or individual, attorney Phillip Stone, of the Stone Law Firm in Reno, is prepared to assist you in finding the proper remedy for any title insurance or escrow transaction dilemma. Phillip applies his experience to helping you achieve your real estate transaction goals. Call The Stone Law Firm or contact it through this website to get a consultation with Phillip today.