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One of the oldest pursuits of mankind is that of claiming land or territory. And throughout that history, there have been plenty of disputes. These can be complex arguments over boundaries or inheritance claims. There exist an array of other disputes including home mortgages, foreclosures, zoning and land use, leasing land and insurance claims.

Property disputes erupt between businesses, neighbors and governments. The first line of defense in defending what’s yours is having the right paperwork. Legally binding documents can prove ownership and protect you against wrongful claims to property. For these documents to hold up under legal scrutiny, you need a detail-oriented attorney with vast knowledge of state and federal property rights law. Without an attorney to guide you through the process, you could find yourself burdened by the expense of costly civil proceedings.

Title and Boundary Disputes in Nevada

Nobody wants to upset their neighbors, but instances exist in which you must stand up for your property rights. It may all be a simple misunderstanding between neighbors, or there may be a call for litigation to settle the disputed property.

Property lines are defined on a county tax map, and they become more complicated for residential, suburban and rural parcels of land. Over time, the landscape can change and distort boundaries and lead to further complications.

If you’re involved in a property dispute, there are options short of litigation or legal action that may clear up any confusion for both parties. Documents such as titles, deeds, plat maps and property surveys can help you defend your claim to a disputed boundary. An attorney can help you interpret the language of these documents through application of Nevada state law.

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Property and disputes related to it quickly becomes a confusing and costly process. Seeking the help of an attorney can bring about quicker resolution of these matters and help you protect your rights as a landowner in Nevada.

The Stone Law Firm in Reno has more than 30 years of experience in presenting sophisticated solutions for matters including:

  • Obtaining easements and variances

  • Settling property boundary disputes

  • Resolving home mortgage and foreclosure disputes

  • Title insurance claims

  • Acquiring entitlements from regulatory bodies

Attorney Phillip Stone serves clients across northern Nevada. As the founder of The Stone Law Firm, he brings a depth of experience and knowledge related real estate transactions. Phillip collaborates with small and large businesses, as well as individuals, helping them achieve a clear dispute resolution Through three decades of practice within Nevada, Phillip has worked with companies and attorneys from San Francisco to New York. His long history as a real estate attorney has proven him as a knowledgeable source for matters related to titles.

If you are involved in a dispute over real property, put an experienced Reno attorney on your side.

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