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Nevada is fertile land for commercial property interests

Chapter 78, a Nevada statute offering corporations a haven, has sparked an economic boom for the Reno-Tahoe area. The companies that enjoy all the benefits of being a Nevada corporation are those operating within the borders of the Silver State.

Operating a business in Nevada creates the need for commercial real estate. Tesla, Apple, Switch and NASA are among the businesses and organizations investing in commercial real estate. Compared to the economic horrors of 2008, the Reno area has rebounded and is open for business. But the roadmap for acquiring, financing, selling and developing land is a complex and sophisticated landscape. Considerations must be made for land use. Water is a limited resource in Reno and surrounding areas. Developers and businesses must depend on a shrewd negotiator for the purchase water rights to feed their operations without starving their bottom lines.

Whether you’re a real estate developer, contractor or broker, it helps to have an attorney guide you through the extensive paperwork inherent in commercial real estate. It may seem adding one more party to the process may create a cloud, but there many reasons to obtain the legal counsel of an experienced commercial real estate attorney.

An attorney can represent the interests of land use by appearing before planning boards and working with city and county bodies governing the development process. For lenders and borrowers, an attorney can negotiate the terms and draft commercial loan documents. Lenders often rely on legal opinion, including out-of-state lenders attempting to navigate the complexities of casinos and master planned communities.

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The Stone Law Firm assists clients across all phases of their commercial real estate transactions in the Reno and Lake Tahoe area. Phillip Stone began his career with a focus on real estate in 1984 and helps clients in matters of:

  • Acquisitions and sales

  • Contract negotiation and disputes

  • Ownership and operation

  • Loan foreclosures and workouts

  • Leasing of property

  • Financing commercial property

  • Pre-litigation disputes

The Stone Law Firm’s proficiency across a variety of commercial real estate matters allows our clients to have a high level perspective of the process to make the right decisions. With an emphasis on transaction real estate law for commercial entities, attorney Phillip Stone has represented title and escrow companies and helped developers through disputes. Property owners seek Phillip’s help with securing entitlements, zoning and setting up homeowner’s associations. 

For clients seeking to purchase commercial property, Phillip examines the title report to ensure the land or property is properly situated for sale or purchase. A title report will reveal if the land in question is zoned for the intended use of the buyer.

From conversion of apartments into condominiums to advising residential home builders and property management companies, Phillip offers comprehensive counsel that helps you maximize your investment in commercial real estate.

Commercial real estate attorney in Reno, NV

If you have an issue related to commercial real estate, speak with a Reno-Tahoe area attorney with the experience required to see you through the process. Contact The Stone Law Firm to set up a consultation with attorney Phillip Stone to learn your options.