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Prolonged disputes could cost your Nevada business

In today’s business climate, companies large and small need to stay competitive in order to survive. Unresolved legal disputes between a business and its customers can do irreparable damage to the company’s reputation. Shareholder disputes can put a company out of business.

Handling disputes among shareholders and partners is much like handling those within relationships. Parties to a business have invested their time, money or other parts of themselves into the business. They have accumulated knowledge about the daily functions of the company and know all the intimate details.

If a dispute cannot be handled internally, there may be call for the help of an attorney with the ability to efficiently settle the dispute without a trial. Negotiations prevent a more public display of your internal disagreement through trial, but resolving your matter may require a courtroom appearance.

Disputes can extend to external entities, such as a competing company. Settlements could resolve the issue, but a trial may be necessary. In the event of your dispute seeking a jury’s decision, a judgement in your favor may be challenged through a post-trial motion or appeal. All of these proceedings can be lengthy and financially and emotionally costly for you or your business. Dealing with these matters in an expeditious, efficient manner in northern Nevada requires the assistance of an aggressive, seasoned business dispute attorney.

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The Stone Law Firm offers a wide range of legal services for large corporations as well as single-owner companies who find themselves in need of an experienced business lawyer in Nevada. Attorney and firm founder Phillip Stone assists business owners in resolving disputes with their customers or other businesses. If a legal issue arises from an in-house dispute, Phillip can help resolve differences between partners or shareholders, or assist with employment issues, such as the interpretation of employment contracts or the violation of a non-compete clause. 

He also assists with business valuations and provides legal advice regarding corporate contracts.

In addition to being a skilled negotiator, Phillip Stone, brings the highest level of trial court representation to his more than 30 years’ experience as a civil litigator. Phillip has represented a wide variety of businesses in state and federal court, the Nevada Supreme Court, and in non-debtor adversary proceedings in bankruptcy court. 

Business law attorney in Reno, NV

When a matter can’t be settled through negotiation, Phillip can represent your business in court in the most cost-effective and efficient manner possible. Don’t let an unresolved business dispute threaten your company’s bottom line. Contact the Stone Law Firm. We’re here to help you maximize your opportunities in Nevada.