Homeowners' Associations

Homeowners' associations are a fact of life in many modern communities, and legal disputes between residents and homeowners' associations are becoming more and more common.

Whether the HOA oversees a condominium project or a residential housing subdivision, one of the original purposes of homeowners' associations was to provide the residents who live within their boundaries the kind of amenities local governments no longer provide, such as swimming pools and greenbelt walkways, or the added security of a gated community. The HOA's assess dues to the residents of the community to pay for the upkeep of common areas as well as to pay for special needs of the community.

When homeowners' association disputes arise, either between an HOA and the residents of the community or between residents concerning some aspect of the HOA’s rules and regulations, resolving those disputes can be costly and time-consuming, and in some cases, can lead to the loss of real property. Don’t let that happen to you. The Stone Law Firm can help identify and protect your legal rights.

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We have extensive experience interpreting the complex CC&Rs that create homeowners' associations, and we can review the legal documents under which the HOA continues to operate to determine how those documents impact your property. The Stone Law Firm’s founder, Phillip Stone, is a skilled negotiator with nearly thirty years’ experience representing clients throughout the state of Nevada. Mr. Stone can assist you in negotiating a settlement of the dispute, or if a settlement is impossible, he can put his extensive trial court experience to work in the most cost-effective and efficient manner possible.

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